Top Manufacturing Companies in Memphis TN in 2023

Top manufacturing Companies in memphis tn in 2022

Are you looking for top manufacturing companies in Memphis, TN, in 2023? If you are seeking a job or a prominent company within a specific industry, read this article. 

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Memphis is home to the world’s second busiest cargo airport, making it the perfect place to start a business. The city has long been considered a vital transportation hub for the nation due to its river, highway, and railroad links. As a result of early timber explorations and its closeness to the Mississippi River, several major paper makers were located here. Furthermore, cotton is still one of the biggest industries in the region.

Industries in Memphis, TN: General Information

As Memphis is located along the Mississippi River, Memphis has been an easy shipping point for many years. The city has a super terminal at its port that allows for efficient intermodal transfers of large quantities of cargo.

The city is also in close proximity to five major railroads, as well as I-55 and I-40, two major highways that run through the area. This has made Memphis a regional shipping hub, where products are brought from surrounding areas and shipped across the country.

Memphis International Airport, which has a two-mile-long runway specifically designed to handle cargo jets bringing in packages for shipping throughout the region, has also boosted the city’s shipping capabilities. Many major cities around the world offer flights to and from Memphis.

As an additional reason, Memphis’ proximity to Mexico and Canada has made it a prime shipping area. The completion of I-69 is a direct link between the two countries, with Shelby County serving as a major stop.

Memphis is home to a variety of industries, including

  • Transportation and Warehousing: Memphis’s transportation and warehousing industry employs over 40,000 workers.
  • Health Care and Social Assistance: Memphis’ prominent medical care and social assistance industries provide jobs to 39,000 people.
  • Retail Trade: Over 29,500 jobs are sustained in this industry in the Memphis area.
  • Manufacturing: Memphis still has 29,500 jobs in manufacturing, which used to be the region’s largest industry.
  • Educational Services: There are 23,000 people employed in the educational field in the city.

There are also a number of other important industries in the area, including agriculture, fishing, finance, insurance, forestry, and technology. The arts and entertainment industry is also quite strong here.

With its strategic location, solid infrastructure, and well-trained workforce, Memphis is home to international advanced manufacturing brands ranging from non-durable goods such as food and beverage and paper products to precision surgical and medical instruments and automotive components.

Top Memphis’s Manufacturing Companies 

In the following tables, we provide information on several of the leading manufacturers in Memphis, Tennessee. The top manufacturers in the Memphis area are listed in descending order based on their employee counts. Estimated annual revenue ranges, as well as areas of activity, are also presented.

CompanyActivityYear foundedNumber of employeesAnnual sale
Sylvamo CorporationPaper and Forest Product Manufacturing18985001-10000$3.50 Billion
Monogram FoodsFood and Beverage Manufacturing20041001-5000$1 Billion
International PaperPackaging & paper1898200-500>$250 Million
ABB Installation Products Inc.Electrical Products1996200-500>$250 Million
Grace Medical, Inc.ENT Prosthetics199651-200--
TrumboPressure Vessels194951-200$1-5 Million
198651-200$10-25 Million
Onyx Medical LLCOrthopedic Hardware199051-200>$250 Million
Rees-Memphis, Inc.Dust Collectors197011-50$1 - 4.9 Million
Jacob TubingModular Tube Systems192411-50$5-10 Million
Memphis Net & TwineFishing Nets196211-50$10-50 Million
Industrial ConveyorConveyors197711-50$10-25 Million
Fabricating ServicesAcoustic/Thermal Insulation198911-50$5-10 Million
Moultrie Tool & MfgFixtures198611-50$1 Million
Industrial Machine & FabricationGeneral Machining198111-50$1-5 Million
Keeler Iron WorksSteel Fabrications196111-50$1-5 Million

Sylvamo Corporation

As a global producer of uncoated paper, Sylvamo believes that the use of paper has the potential to be educational, communicative, and entertaining. Located in Memphis, Tennessee, the company employs approximately 7,500 colleagues throughout Europe, Latin America, and North America.

Monogram Foods

A privately held company, Monogram Foods produces meat snacks, corn dogs, frozen appetizers, hot dogs, sausages, precooked bacon, and portable snack and sandwich assembling products. With over 3,000 employees, the company operates nine processing plants with a Support Center in Memphis, TN. 

As a fast-growing organization, Monogram Foods has recently been recognized by the Memphis Business Journal as a great place to work. Monogram Foods also made INC Magazine’s annual list of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies ten years in a row.

International Paper

International Paper is a leading manufacturer of fiber-based packaging, pulp, and paper. In addition to containerboard and corrugated packaging, International Paper produces cellulose fibers such as fluff for absorbent hygiene products, paper grade and pulp, and uncoated freesheet papers. Over 200 facilities in the United States and worldwide are supported by the company’s headquarters in Memphis.

ABB Installation Products

The ABB Installation Products division is ABB’s United States base for its electrical installation products, which were bought from Thomas & Betts. The company’s product lines include cable trays, fittings, etc., for connecting electrification systems at home and in the workplace.

Grace Medical, Inc.

Located in Memphis, Tennessee, Grace Medical Inc. manufactures and provides a wide range of products, including ventilation tubes, middle ear implants, stapes prosthesis, as well as specialty instruments. In addition to providing fine German instruments for office and operating room procedures, Grace strives to provide unparalleled service and quality in the ENT field.


With a capacity of fabricating tanks up to 16 ft. in diameter, Trumbo Fabrication provides custom-made pressure vessels, heat exchangers, sterilizers, and code equipment.

Spirco Manufacturing

With a long history dating back to 1970 and operating in Memphis, TN., since 1986, Spirco Manufacturing produces quality metal building systems and self-storage facilities. Spirco strives to provide quality products at competitive prices. The knowledgeable sales staff at Spirco will assist you in choosing the right building for your needs, whether they are commercial, residential, agricultural, religious, or self-storage. 

Onyx Medical LLC

The company, now owned wholly by Elos Medtech of Sweden, manufactures orthopedic device fixation and locating pins and wires. Stainless steel and titanium are used to fabricate the products. These products have been integrated into the parent company’s line of implants and prosthetics for orthopedics and dentistry.

Rees-Memphis, Inc.

Rees engineers, manufactures, and installs industrial air systems for various processing industries, including dust collection, pneumatic conveying, and ventilation. Since 1970, Rees has supplied air system components, material handling equipment, and custom steel fabricated products to assist clients in achieving project objectives.

The company serves a wide range of industries, including wood and forest products, pulp and paper, food processing, grain and feed products, metal and foundry, energy resources, ceramics, plastics, etc.

Jacob Tubing

A company with excellent customer service, quality products, and fast delivery times. Jacob Tubing is the world’s leading modular tubing system with pull-ring connections. Among Jacob Tubing’s many industries are handling bulk materials, low-pressure conveying lines, dust collection, exhaust air, and oil mist and vapor extraction. A wide range of applications has been served by its tubing, including food processing (for example. coffee, cocoa, chocolate, tobacco, sugar, and grain processing), pharmaceuticals, plastics, automotive, feed mills, chip manufacturers, machinery, paper, and construction materials.

Memphis Net & Twine

A number of products are offered by the company, including fishing nets, sporting nets, commercial nets, net supplies, and rope and twine. We started in 1962 as a fish net company and have since then supplied fishing nets, rope and twine, and fishing supplies. The Memphis Net & Twine company began selling baseball batting cages, baseball backstops, and sports backstops in 1988.

Nets of all kinds, including custom sports nets, industrial nets, aquaculture nets, and commercial fishing nets, are still manufactured by Memphis Net & Twine.

Industrial Conveyor

A full range of conveyor implementation services is available, from conceptualizing and designing to commissioning at Industrial Conveyors. Our company designs and integrates turnkey conveyor systems of many types, such as overhead trolleys, powered rollers, and belts, synchronous and non-synchronous, etc.

Fabricating Services

Fabricating Services provides custom acoustic and thermal insulation to industrial and original equipment manufacturers. A variety of products are offered, including acoustical blankets, compressor liners, wraps, boards, ducting gaskets, and foam structures for impact protection.

Moultrie Tool & Mfg

A leading manufacturer of assembly and test fixtures, inspection jigs, and special machinery, Moutrie Tool & Mfg manufactures equipment for various industries, including automotive and medical device manufacturing. Custom builds include drill/tapping machines, nut assembly heads, and water pump inspection gages.

Industrial Machine & Fabrication

A general machining job shop since 1981, Industrial Machine & Fabrication provides conventional turning and milling, horizontal milling, CNC machining, vertical turning, grinding, rebuilding, welding, and fabrication services throughout the mid-South.

Keeler Iron Works

As a structural steel fabricator, Keeler Iron Works specializes in pedestrian bridges, large commercial stairways, scoreboards, billboards, and industrial platforms. The company began as an ornamental iron fabricator and has since branched out to manufacture scoreboards all over the country.

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