15 Types of Glue Guns With Characteristics and Usage

15 Types of Glue Guns

From crafting to minor household repairs, glue guns have become an essential tool. They provide a quick and efficient adhesive solution for a range of projects. The Linquip platform, renowned for its comprehensive listing of tools, also sheds light on the diverse types of glue guns available in the market. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional, this guide will walk you through the world of glue guns and their myriad applications.


The article provides a comprehensive breakdown of the various types of glue guns available in the market. From Standard Glue Guns used for everyday household tasks to specialized versions like Industrial and Detailer Glue Guns, the spectrum is vast. The article also touches upon modern iterations like Eco-Friendly and LED-Lit Glue Guns. Each type has been discussed with its characteristics and primary usage. “Linquip” is highlighted as a reliable platform for users to gain deeper insights and make informed decisions about their tool choices. Whether for crafting, professional work, or home repairs, there’s a glue gun tailored for every need.


Here are the most common types of Glue Guns

  1. Standard Glue Guns
  2. Industrial Glue Guns
  3. Cordless Glue Guns
  4. Hot Melt Glue Guns
  5. Low Temp Glue Guns
  6. Detailer Glue Guns
  7. Adjustable Speed Glue Guns
  8. Decorative Glue Guns
  9. Hybrid Glue Guns
  10. Eco-friendly Glue Guns
  11. Trigger-Feed Glue Guns
  12. Pad-Footed Glue Guns
  13. LED-Lit Glue Guns
  14. Multi-Nozzle Glue Guns
  15. Glue Pen Guns

In the realm of DIY and professional craft, a reliable glue gun is a staple tool. Offering the ability to bond materials rapidly and efficiently, it’s no wonder they are a favorite. Linquip, always at the forefront of providing top-tier solutions and knowledge, dives into the diverse types of glue guns available in the market.


Types of Glue Guns Table with Characteristics and Usage

Type of Glue Gun Characteristic Usage
Standard Glue Guns General-purpose, commonly available Everyday household tasks, crafts, light repairs
Industrial Glue Guns Robust, higher adhesive flow Heavy-duty applications, industrial projects
Cordless Glue Guns Battery-operated, portability Tasks without access to power outlets, increased mobility
Hot Melt Glue Guns High-temperature operation Bonding a variety of materials quickly
Low Temp Glue Guns Operates at lower temperatures Delicate materials like foam, balloons, or thin fabrics
Detailer Glue Guns Fine-tip nozzle, precision-focused Intricate crafts, jewelry-making, and detailed projects
Adjustable Speed Glue Guns Control over glue flow speed Projects requiring varied adhesive amounts, reducing glue wastage
Decorative Glue Guns Aesthetically pleasing designs Craft enthusiasts, workshops to engage participants
Hybrid Glue Guns Combines features of various types A broad range of applications, versatility
Eco-friendly Glue Guns Made with sustainable materials Environmentally conscious users, reducing the carbon footprint
Trigger-Feed Glue Guns Trigger mechanism to control glue flow Prolonged use, consistent glue flow
Pad-Footed Glue Guns Stability due to footed stand or pad Projects requiring frequent setting aside of the gun
LED-Light Glue Guns Built-in LED lights Intricate work in dimly lit areas, precision projects
Multi-Nozzle Glue Guns Multiple or interchangeable nozzle heads Projects needing different glue patterns, varied applications
Glue Pen Guns Pen-like design for detailed work Detailed craftwork like scrapbooking, beading, prioritizing precision

This table provides a glance at the diverse world of glue guns and can be a handy reference for users on platforms like Linquip.


Low-Temperature Glue Guns

Low-Temperature Glue Guns
Low-Temperature Glue Guns (Reference: amazon.co.uk)


  • Operate at approximately 250°F.
  • Use low-temperature glue sticks.


  • Ideal for delicate materials like fabric, floral arrangements, and craft foam.
  • Reduces the risk of burns.


High-Temperature Glue Guns

High-Temperature Glue Guns
High-Temperature Glue Guns (Reference: amazon.co.uk)


  • Operate at 380°F and above.
  • Use high-temperature glue sticks.


  • Suitable for materials like wood, metal, and ceramics.
  • Offers a stronger bond.


Dual-Temperature Glue Guns

Dual-Temperature Glue Guns
Dual-Temperature Glue Guns (Reference: amazon.co.uk)


  • Can switch between low and high temperatures.
  • Versatile in function.


  • Great for crafters working with a mix of delicate and robust materials.
  • Provides flexibility in project requirements.


Industrial Glue Guns

Industrial Glue Guns
Industrial Glue Guns (Reference: amazon.co.uk)


  • Heavy-duty build.
  • Larger glue stick capacity.


  • Ideal for large-scale projects or assembly lines.
  • Suitable for commercial and industrial purposes.


Cordless Glue Guns

Cordless Mini Glue Guns
Cordless Mini Glue Guns (Reference: amazon.co.uk)


  • Battery-operated.
  • Portability advantage.


  • Perfect for projects without easy access to a power outlet.
  • Enhances mobility in the workspace.


Mini Glue Guns

Mini Glue Guns
Mini Glue Guns (Reference: amazon.co.uk)


  • Compact design.
  • Often low temperature.


  • Suitable for quick fixes and small projects.
  • Great for travel or on-the-go crafters.


Pneumatic Glue Guns

Pneumatic Glue Guns
Pneumatic Glue Guns (Reference: gluegunsdirect.com)


  • Powered by compressed air.
  • Regulated flow of glue.


  • Used for upholstery, carpentry, and other heavy-duty applications.
  • Offers precision in glue application.


Specialty Glue Guns

With technological advancements and the growing need for precision in various fields, there are glue guns specifically tailored for unique applications.

Detailer Glue Guns

Cordless Mini 20 Watt Detail Glue Gun
Cordless Mini 20 Watt Detail Glue Gun (Reference: amazon.co.uk)


  • Fine-tip nozzle for precision.
  • Often comes with a non-drip feature.


  • Ideal for intricate crafts, jewelry-making, and minute detailing.
  • Suitable for projects requiring a delicate touch.


Adjustable Speed Glue Guns

Adjustable Speed Glue Guns
Adjustable Speed Glue Guns (Reference: amazon.co.uk)


  • Allows users to control the speed of glue flow.
  • Generally equipped with ergonomic designs for comfort.


  • Useful for projects that need varying amounts of adhesive.
  • Helps in reducing the wastage of glue.


Decorative Glue Guns

Decorative Glue Guns
Decorative Glue Guns (Reference: amazon.co.uk)


  • Not just functional but aesthetically pleasing.
  • Often designed with patterns and bright colors.


  • Appeals to craft enthusiasts who desire an added touch of personality to their tools.
  • Great for workshops or craft classes to engage participants.


Hybrid Glue Guns

Hybrid Glue Guns
Hybrid Cordless Hot Glue Gun (Reference: amazon.co.uk)


  • Combines features of various types of glue guns.
  • Might include both corded and cordless functionalities.


  • Offers a broader range of applications due to its hybrid nature.
  • Perfect for those who seek versatility in their toolkit.


Eco-friendly Glue Guns


  • Made with sustainable materials.
  • Often features energy-saving functionalities.


  • Appeals to environmentally conscious users.
  • Suitable for businesses or individuals aiming to reduce their carbon footprint.


Trigger-Feed Glue Guns

Trigger-Feed Glue Guns
Trigger-Feed Glue Guns (Reference: ebay.co.uk)


  • Equipped with a trigger mechanism to control glue flow.
  • Allows for continuous feed without manual pushing.


  • Suitable for projects requiring prolonged use.
  • Provides consistency in glue flow and reduces hand fatigue.


Pad-Footed Glue Guns


  • Designed with a footed stand or pad.
  • Provides stability when the gun is set down.


  • Ideal for projects where the user needs to frequently set the gun aside.
  • Prevents accidental glue drips on work surfaces.


LED-Light Glue Guns

LED-Light Glue Guns
LED-Light Glue Guns (Reference: amazon.co.uk)


  • Features built-in LED lights.
  • Enhances visibility in low-light conditions.


  • Perfect for intricate work or use in dimly lit areas.
  • Great for detailed crafts where precision is key.


Multi-Nozzle Glue Guns


  • Equipped with multiple nozzles or interchangeable nozzle heads.
  • Allows varied patterns of glue dispensing.


  • Suited for projects that need different types of glue patterns.
  • Useful for workshops, where varied applications might be necessary.


Glue Pen Guns

Glue Pen Guns
BOSCH Glue Pen Guns (Reference: amazon.co.uk)


  • Pen-like design for more detailed work.
  • Smaller and lighter than conventional glue guns.


  • Suitable for very detailed craftwork, like scrapbooking or beading.
  • Ideal for artists and professionals who prioritize precision.


Factors Influencing Choice of Glue Guns:

  1. Adhesive Material Compatibility: Not all glue guns can handle all types of adhesive materials. There are specific adhesive formulations meant for particular guns, and users must ensure compatibility to get the best results.
  2. Wattage: A glue gun’s wattage determines how fast it can heat up. Higher-wattage glue guns are typically better for industrial purposes as they heat up more quickly and maintain consistent temperatures, allowing for continuous use.
  3. Safety Features: Some advanced glue guns come equipped with safety features such as an auto-shut-off mechanism, insulated nozzles, and non-drip designs to prevent accidental burns or messes.
  4. Ergonomics: Especially for those who use glue guns frequently, the design’s ergonomics and comfort become paramount. Some guns come with padded triggers and rubber grips for a more comfortable experience.


Maintenance and Care:

To ensure a longer life and better performance of a glue gun:

  • Always use the recommended adhesive sticks.
  • Unplug the gun when not in use.
  • Avoid laying a hot glue gun on its side to prevent adhesive leakage.
  • Clean the nozzle after use to prevent adhesive build-up.


Popular Brands in the Market:

Several brands are known for their quality and range of glue guns. It’s always a good idea to look into brand reputations and reviews. Some well-regarded names include:

  • Stanley
  • Bosch
  • Arrow
  • Surebonder


Environmental Considerations:

With the growing emphasis on sustainability, it’s worth noting that some manufacturers are focusing on producing eco-friendly adhesives. These adhesives aim to provide strong bonds without the environmental impact of traditional adhesive materials. When paired with eco-friendly glue guns, users can undertake projects with a reduced carbon footprint.



The realm of glue guns showcases the perfect blend of technological advancements with the practical demands of its varied user base. Each type brings its unique feature to the table, be it for detailed craftwork or heavy-duty applications. The beauty lies in understanding these nuances and selecting the right tool for the task at hand. Linquip, with its commitment to providing comprehensive knowledge, stands by to aid in this selection process. Our aim? Ensuring that every bonding requirement meets its perfect adhesive companion. With Linquip, you’re never alone in your journey through the intricate world of tools and technology. Choose wisely, and let your projects shine!


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