11 Types of Grommets and Their Characteristics & Usages

Types of grommets

In the world of industrial equipment and components, grommets play a critical role, in ensuring the stability, safety, and efficiency of various applications. Whether it’s to protect cables, secure materials, or act as a seal, these small yet vital components are omnipresent across sectors. Linquip, as an industrial equipment platform, understands the importance of grommets and provides detailed insights and choices for industry professionals.


Grommets, small yet vital components in various industries, come in diverse types based on materials and applications. The key types include Rubber, Metal, Plastic, Blind, Open, Oval, Self-sealing, Collapsible, Vibration Damping, Snap-in, and Heat-resistant grommets. Their uses range from protecting cables and preventing tears to withstanding high temperatures. Linquip provides a comprehensive platform offering details, expert insights, and customization options for these grommets, reinforcing their significance in enhancing industrial efficiency.


Defining a Grommet

Grommets, essentially, are rings or edge strips inserted into holes through thin materials, typically to prevent tearing or abrasion, and often to cover sharp edges of the pierced material.

Here are the most common types of Grommets

  1. Rubber Grommets
  2. Metal Grommets
  3. Plastic Grommets
  4. Blind Grommets
  5. Open Grommets
  6. Oval Grommets
  7. Self-sealing Grommets
  8. Collapsible Grommets
  9. Vibration Damping Grommets
  10. Snap-in Grommets
  11. Heat-resistant Grommets


Types of Grommets Table with Characteristics and Usage

Type of Grommet Characteristic Usage
Rubber Grommets Flexible, elastic, and can dampen vibrations. Electrical wire pass-through, vibration damping, and waterproofing.
Metal Grommets Sturdy and durable; often made from brass, aluminum, or steel. Reinforcing holes in fabrics (like curtains) or leather; provides strong support.
Plastic Grommets Lightweight and can be made in various colors. Decorative purposes, lightweight applications, or where metal might corrode.
Blind Grommets Solid center, not open. Sealing holes in surfaces, particularly in automotive applications.
Open Grommets The Center is open to allow passage. Guiding cables, ropes, or other materials through surfaces without abrasion.
Oval Grommets Oval in shape as opposed to the common round grommets. Specific design needs, often in belts or straps.
Self-sealing Grommets Seals itself after being pierced by a wire or cable. Electrical applications where a seal is needed after wire pass-through.
Collapsible Grommets Can collapse or fold when not in use. Temporary or adjustable hole reinforcement; can be expanded or collapsed as needed.
Vibration Damping Grommets Designed to absorb shock and vibration. Machinery, automotive applications, or sensitive equipment mounting.
Snap-in Grommets Designed to easily snap into place without additional tools. Quick installation in manufacturing or assembly lines.
Heat-resistant Grommets Can withstand high temperatures without degrading. Applications near heat sources, such as engines, ovens, or electrical components.

This table gives a high-level overview, but there’s much more to learn about each type of grommet, its specific applications, and variations within each category. If you’re selecting grommets for a specific purpose, you should consult with manufacturers or experts to ensure you’re choosing the best option for your needs.


Material-based Classification of Grommets

Rubber Grommets

Rubber Grommets
Rubber Grommets (Reference: amazon.co.uk)
  • Characteristic: Flexible and can stretch.
  • Usage: Used in applications where vibration damping is needed, and to protect wiring or cables.


Metal Grommets

Metal Grommets
Metal Grommets (Reference: amazon.co.uk)
  • Characteristic: Durable and can withstand higher temperatures.
  • Usage: Common in tarps, tents, and banners to provide reinforced holes for ropes and fasteners.


Plastic Grommets

Plastic Grommets
Plastic Grommets (Reference: amazon.co.uk)
  • Characteristic: Lightweight and resistant to corrosion.
  • Usage: Often found in everyday household items and lighter industrial applications.


Application-based Grommet Types

Blind Grommets

Blind Grommets
Blind Grommets (Reference: amazon.co.uk)
  • Characteristic: Completely closed off to protect wires or cables from rough surfaces.
  • Usage: Common in electrical systems.


Open Grommets

Open Grommets
Open Grommets (Reference: ebay.co.uk)
  • Characteristic: Open in the center, allowing for cables or other materials to pass through.
  • Usage: Widely used in desks or work surfaces to neatly guide cables.


Oval Grommets

Oval Grommets
Oval Grommets (Reference: amazon.co.uk)
  • Characteristic: Have an oval shape, ideal for situations where a circular grommet doesn’t fit.
  • Usage: Frequently used in applications where two wires or lines need to be taken through.


The Modern Evolution: Grommet Innovations

As industries evolve, so do the grommets. We’re now seeing:

Self-sealing Grommets

Self-sealing Grommets
Self-sealing Grommets (Reference: amazon.co.uk)

Designed to automatically seal once a cable is passed through.


Collapsible Grommets

Allow larger objects to pass through and then revert to their smaller size for a snug fit.


Exploring Specialized Grommet Variants

Grommets have evolved, branching out to cater to specific industrial needs.

Vibration Damping Grommets

Vibration Damping Grommets
Vibration Damping Grommets (Reference: amazon.co.uk)
  • Characteristic: Designed with materials that absorb vibrations effectively.
  • Usage: Commonly found in machinery and automotive applications to reduce noise and wear.


Snap-in Grommets

Snap-in Grommets
Snap-in Grommets (Reference: amazon.co.uk)
  • Characteristic: Designed for easy insertion without the need for specialized tools.
  • Usage: Used in situations where speed and ease of assembly are crucial, such as in mass production setups.


Heat-resistant Grommets

Heat-resistant Grommets
Heat-resistant Grommets (Reference: amazon.co.uk)
  • Characteristic: Manufactured to withstand extreme temperatures without melting or losing shape.
  • Usage: Crucial in industries like aerospace or automotive, where components can get exceptionally hot.


Specialty Grommets: Beyond the Basics

Insulating Grommets

  • Characteristic: Designed to prevent the transfer of electricity.
  • Usage: Essential in electrical systems to prevent short circuits and protect users from electrical shocks.


Snap Grommets

  • Characteristic: Can be snapped in and out, facilitating easy installation and removal.
  • Usage: Temporary setups, such as event banners, where frequent adjustments may be required.


Rolled Rim Grommets with Washers

Rolled Rim Grommets with Washers
Rolled Rim Grommets with Washers (Reference: webstore.stimpson.com)
  • Characteristic: These have a rolled rim around the opening and come with a washer for added reinforcement.
  • Usage: Heavy-duty applications, like truck covers and industrial curtains, where wear and tear are high.


Benefits of Using Grommets in Different Industries

The diverse application range of grommets extends from electronics to fashion, proving their universal appeal and functionality.


  • Safety First: Grommets protect sensitive wiring from abrasive surfaces, preventing short circuits or system failures.
  • Organized Cabling: They ensure that cables are organized, minimizing tangling and possible damage.


Textile and Fashion

  • Durability: Grommets reinforce holes in fabrics, ensuring they don’t easily tear with use.
  • Aesthetics: Beyond functionality, they also serve as fashionable elements in garments and accessories.



  • Securing Structures: Tarps and covers often use metal grommets to secure them in place, especially in windy conditions.
  • Protective Measures: Rubber grommets are used to seal off spaces, ensuring moisture, dust, or pests don’t infiltrate spaces.


Environmental Considerations & Sustainable Grommets

With increasing awareness about environmental issues, the grommet industry is also adapting.

  • Eco-friendly Materials: Use of biodegradable or recyclable materials in producing grommets.
  • Efficient Production: Emphasis on manufacturing processes that reduce waste and energy consumption.


Linquip’s Role in Facilitating Better Grommet Choices

Linquip, recognizing the importance and diversity of grommets, aims to bridge the information gap.

  • Custom Recommendations: Get suggestions tailored to your industry and specific requirements.
  • Community Discussions: Engage with other users and industry experts to gain insights and share experiences.


The Art of Grommet Maintenance

Maintaining grommets can extend the lifespan of both the grommet itself and the equipment or material it’s part of.

  • Regular Checks: Especially for load-bearing or protective grommets, regular inspections can help in the early identification of wear.
  • Proper Cleaning: Depending on the material, some grommets may need periodic cleaning to maintain their protective qualities.


Grommet Customization with Linquip

As industries evolve, so does the need for tailored solutions. Linquip stands at the forefront of customization.

  • Tailored Solutions: Whether you need grommets of a specific size, material, or functionality, Linquip connects you with suppliers and manufacturers that can meet those needs.
  • Expert Consultations: Engage with professionals on Linquip to get insights on what kind of grommet customization might benefit your specific application.



Grommets might not always be the center of attention in industrial setups, but their importance cannot be overstated. From protection to enhancing functionality, their roles are myriad. As industries grow and diversify, so does the need for a reliable platform to source these crucial components. Linquip rises to this challenge, ensuring that professionals have access to quality, variety, and expert advice. Dive into the world of grommets with Linquip and explore the vast possibilities they present.


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