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Turbotech Precision Engineering

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About Company:

TurboTech is one of India's leading Turbo machinery, and Mechanical Engineering Company. Today, TurboTech looks back to a legacy of 25 years when it made a humble beginning in the year 1989 in the city of Bengaluru, India, beginning with an in-house prototype development of first ever indigenous Gas turbine models of 50 KW and 500 KW. Today TurboTech has developed a range of steam Turbines best suiting the process Industry. TurboTech aims at creating, enhanced and sustainable value in its business areas of Turbo machinery and Power Engineering delivering end to end solutions, right from engineering to delivering power to the end user. The guiding principles create a framework for developing breakthrough technology in its continual product invention, towards pursuit of safety, reliability, value for money, innovation and sustainability.
  1. High Efficiency Steam Turbines 10 KW to 5500 KW

  2. Indigenous Gas Turbine 50 KW to 500 KW

  3. Testing Facility for Integrated Turbo Machinery

  4. Indigenous Supplier for Defence Products for GOI

  5. Saturated Steam Turbine, Turbines parts & spares, O&M, and Retrofits