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Kamps Inc

Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States🇺🇸

Kamps Inc. is a national pallet supplier with over 400 locations nationwide, specializing in wood pallets and pallet recycling services.We build all our pallet management services from the ground up. This means that each program is tailor-made to fit your specific needs. After the program is developed and running, it is backed by our world-class customer service team that makes your business a priority. Every program is supported by our Total Pallet Coverage™. Our Total Pallet Coverage™ ensures consistent business reviews and access to robust data regarding your pallet operations.Our repair and return programs are comprehensive and follow standardized protocols to deliver superior pallets at a fraction of the price. Pallets can be returned to re-usable condition with quick, but effective, repairs. We also take care of the entire process including pickup, sorting, reporting, repairs, and delivery. We supply you, the manufacturers, with the appropriate amount of pallets. Your products ship on our pallets to your plants throughout the United States. We retrieve the pallets from each plant after delivery. Each load of pallets is sorted by type and inspected for loose or damaged parts. The pallets are then reissued back to you, closing the loop.

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