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Brownlee-Morrow Company

Birmingham, Alabama, United States🇺🇸

Distributor of air, fluid, liquid and process handling specialists. Air handling products include dampers, louvers, dust/fume/oil/mist collectors, rotary airlocks, fans, ventilators and blowers. Liquid handling products such as centrifugal, positive displacement and vacuum pumps and mechanical seals, tank systems and feeders are provided. Macerators, shaft choppers, portable mixers and industrial agitators also offered. Baseplates, couplings, diaphragms, filters, regulators, gear reducers, motors, relief valves, batch/pump controllers, calibration columns and sample coolers pump accessories available. Serves the municipal, power generation, mining, automotive, chemical, pulp and paper, primary metal, marine and poultry industries. Pump repair services are also provided.

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