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Scott Process Equipment Corp.

Scott Process Equipment Corp.

New York, United States


Distributor of pumps, mixers, homogenizers, valves, sensors, controllers, filling systems, powder blenders, heat exchangers, strainers, tanks, temperature control systems, coolers, chillers, pallets, dumpers, conveyors, hoppers, work platforms and colloid mills. Tenderizers, flatteners, pressure vessel, evaporators, dryers, impellers, disintegrators, dissolvers, sight glasses, clamps, gaskets, hose, stirrers, blades, shafts, paddles, rheometers, fittings, gauges, indicators, measuring devices, load cells, analyzers, tubing, rupture disc and indexers are also offered. Serves the bio-pharm, pharmaceutical, chemical, pigment, food or beverage, personal care product, cosmetic, plastic and polymer industries.