best home wind turbine

    The 8 Best Home Wind Turbines in 2021

    This article has provided a review of the best home wind turbines available on the market as alternative energy sources. As the costs of...
    mixed flow turbine

    What is Mixed Flow Turbine? Basics, Advantages, and Applications

    A mixed flow turbine can be seen as a cross design between an axial and a radial turbine as it holds the characteristics of...
    low head turbines

    What is Low Head Turbines?

    Generally speaking, low head turbines produce hydroelectric power where the head of the water is less than 20 meters although the precise definition varies....
    Radial flow turbine

    Radial Flow Turbine

    A radial flow turbine is a turbine where the working fluid flows radially relative to the shaft. Therefore, this is the primary difference between...
    Thorium Salt Reactor

    What is Thorium Salt Reactor? Thorium-Based Nuclear Power

    Thorium salt reactor in a thorium-based nuclear power generation mainly providing the energy of nuclear fission of the uranium-233 isotope produced from the fertile...
    Components of nuclear reactor

    What Are Components of Nuclear Reactor?

    The short answer to "what are the components of nuclear reactor" is that nuclear reactors all contain several components in common such as fuel,...
    boiling water reactor

    What is Boiling Water Reactor? Advantages, and Disadvantages

    A Boiling Water Reactor (or BWR) is a class of light water nuclear reactors used for electrical power generation. After the Pressurized Water Reactor...
    heavy water reactor

    What is Heavy Water Reactor Used for? Formula & Application

    A Heavy Water Reactor (or HWR) uses heavy water as the coolant and moderator. Deuterium has the function of a moderator because it absorbs...
    Hydrogen Power Generation

    Hydrogen Power Generation: All You Need to Know

    Hydrogen power generation - Hydrogen is a renewable fuel that contains only water when burned in a fuel cell. Hydrogen can be made from a...
    Liquid Air Energy Storage

    What is Liquid Air Energy Storage?

    Liquid Air Energy Storage (LAES) applies electricity to cool air until it liquefies, then stores the liquid air in a tank. The liquid air...