Marine Gas Turbine UGT16000R-DT59

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All UGT marine gas turbines have the three-shaft design. All UGT marine gas turbines consist of a two-spool gas generator and a free power turbine. The two-spool gas generator comprises two axial flow compressors (a low-pressure compressor and a high-pressure one), rotated by two respective turbines, and a cannular combustor of a loop-shaped type. The power turbine is not linked to the gas generator kinematically and can have reversible and non-reversible versions with different speed and rotation direction. This design provides low life cost, high efficiency, and reliability in any load conditions - from idle run to full power, requires low maintenance and gives the opportunity to create propulsion plants according to the rigorous client requirements.

  • According to ISO 2314

  • Reversible version

  • For marine propulsion applications

  • Three-shaft gas turbine

  • Compressors: axial, 7 stages LPC, 9 stages HPC

UGT16000R-DT59 Specifications:

  • Efficiency (%)
  • Speed (RPM)
  • Exhaust mass flow (kg/s)
  • Exhaust Temperature (C)
  • Pressure Ratio
  • Power (MW)

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